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Financiers / Liquidators 

  • Have your clients failed to complete a project on time and on budget ? 

  • Have your clients faulted on their contractual obligations, or been left with an incomplete project by a failed builder/developer?

  • Are you left with a project that is incomplete and you’re unsure on how to rectify it ? 

  • Do you require a specialist team to rectify the issues for you ? 

PACE Ltd can help!

The team at PACE Limited have a collective experience of 30+ years in property development & the construction industry

Unlike a lot of other consultants in the industry, PACE Ltd consider ourselves to be vastly different due to our hands on experience in construction, property development and financing these projects ourselves. 

Over the many projects that we have completed, we have developed the skills and processes required to overcome the biggest of challenges that the world of property creates.

Because of these experiences we can help execute and complete any project that you have received. 

Our professional team can assess, quantify, and present an overview of your project and provide the solutions to complete it.

Our process starts with a site visit by a highly experienced LBP builder and building surveyor, to assess the project, and provide written documentation on the following items:

Initial overview services:

  • Assess and determine the accurate completed percentages of each component of the project.

  • Identify all / any defects and associated costs of rectification.

  • Quantify non fitted materials, inventories and sundries. 

  • Check and advise on the status of building code compliance and inspection records.

  • Liaise with sub trades for progress status and costs of completion.

  • Provide accurate overall cost of completion.


Further services we can provide:

  • Project manage completion of project.

  • Supply building labour services.

  • Supply materials. 

  • Supply sub trade services.

  • Supply project administration services.

  • Obtain Council CCC.

  • Assist in finance and insurance options.

  • Advise on project objectives and direction.

  • Provide investment partners or purchasers.

We look forward to providing you with a cost effective strategy to resolve and complete projects, and provide solutions to ease the burden your clients may be facing.

For more information, contact us today!

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