When acting for the buyer, we offer our:

“Buy Smart” pre-purchase package.

You will receive a written report which gives a general description of the property including the various materials and components. Also included in this written section is a summary of the key matters discussed in the captioned photograph section, and finally an assessment of compliance matters identified on site as compared to Council documentation held on file for this work, thus ensuring you are not encumbered with outstanding compliance issues.

On average, around 60 photographs are taken in the course of gathering information on a top to toe tour of the property. These are captioned and posted to an instantly accessible format that you are given a link to.

  • Verify, check and report on the soundness of building structures.
  • Descriptions of the strengths and weaknesses of property.
  • Evaluation of the structural features that require maintenance or replacement.
  • Identify those structural features that need improving.
  • Digital photography is used to illustrate structural features or defects. These are captioned to ensure your understanding.
  • Verify information held by councils with on site improvements or alterations.
  • After reading your report we are happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

See Buysmart  in the about pages     order an inspection.


When acting for the seller, we offer our:

“Sell Smart” presentation package

  • Initial inspection.
  • Consent/permit check.
  • Action plan.
  • Sellers report.

See Sellsmart on the about pages

Additional Services:

  • Assess  and provide solutions to meet council requirements and obtain building consents.
  • Provide cost estimates on construction work and maintenance requirements.
  • Arrange contractors to carry out any recommended work through our network of preferred contractors.
  • In some areas we may be able to arrange for display furniture and plants to enhance the saleability of empty homes.


Maintenance Reports

We have recently added these as a service to rental property owners, but they can be applied to normal home owners.

An inspection is carried out on a rental property in a broadly similar way to that of a pre-purchase inspection, where we identify any current and future maintenance requirements. Any weaknesses or deficiencies with the property will be pointed out.

In the course of the inspection, approx 30-50 photographs will be taken in the process of gathering information. These can be forwarded if required. the report will focus on preventive maintenance (“a stitch in time saves nine”) and suggestions as to the most viable course of action to take with any deficiencies found.

The 31 point check-list which forms the basis of future warrant of fitness for rental properties methodology will also be worked through, so that the owners will be aware of how there property stacks up and subsequent potential future requirements.


Insurance valuation assistance

With the changes to the insurance industry putting the onus of replacement value for the house on the owner, we have developed an assistance package which involves accurate measurement of the house, some calculations and a general discussion with owners to help them arrive at a figure with which they are happy to use.