Sell Smart

Sell Smart is our branding for the ultimate service available in Home selling. Lets call it a presentation package!

Our Goal is to help you get the most money that you can out of your house sale. We want to assist in making the sale process as quick, smooth and stress free as possible

Our Strategy is to rectify or mitigate the damaging effects of Builders reports and Council consent issues prior to going to market. Forward planning allows the opportunity to present the home in its best light.

Planning brings successful results. Our expert  experienced staff  offer to guide you through the necessary steps in achieving the above goal. In personalising your plan, we will work with you to ensure that what we are proposing will fit into your budget and best suit your needs.


So What is it we do?

Initial Inspection.

We start with an initial top to toe inspection of your property where an experienced qualified Building Surveyor spends approximately one hour gathering required information on his digital camera.

Consent/Permit check

In most cases now, soliciters insist upon a LIM report to ensure, among other things, that the purchaser does not become encumbered by outstanding Building compliance issues. Discovering non compliance issues at a late stage in the purchase process often results in a sale falling over or significant discounting of the property price.

Our inspector will visit the local Council offices and check over the Building file to assess compliance status. Having inspected the property, he is able to compare on-site observations with Council records.

Action Plan

Again we reiterate that Successful outcomes stem from careful planning. With the information gained from our initial inspection and Council file check, we will provide a planned “course of action” in respect to any issues with your building. Along with this, you may be given a checklist of practical presentation tips. At this point, you may wish to consult with your Real Estate agent (if appointed at this stage) and include any expert marketing advice which they may be able to add.

We recognise that a lot of major upgrading and work may not be cost effective to certain houses on the market and it is rarely a desirable option to undertake major works when you are wanting to move on, so our recommendations are largely aimed towards small cost for large gains.

If the necessity for major work is obvious, we can provide cost estimated or quotes for this work so that the purchasers may factor this in to their purchase decision. This allows a decision to be factually rather than fancifully based.

Sellers report

After completing the action plan, we can now present you with what should be a favourable, but still completely independent report.

You may then choose to show intending purchasers this report, but it must be made clear to them that to receive a copy of the report for their personal reliance, they must deal directly with Property Advice Inspection service Ltd.

With your approval, the report can then be converted to a Pre-purchase inspection report which can be re-addressed and made available to intending purchasers for a nominal fee to cover our printing costs ,insurance and liability exposure.

We are respectful of confidentiality and after having the report commissioned, will not work for others against you.

With this information available, buyers will be saved a lot of time, expense, frustration and stress. They will be in a position to make a quick decision and have little ammunition to beat down the purchase price.

Cost considerations

To suit individual needs, we are able to segment the package into three cost brackets.

1. The Initial inspection, Consent/Permit check and Action plan section is available for around $200 plus GST

2.The recommended full package which includes the Sellers report is a further $150-$300 plus GST depending on the nature of the property.

3. Copies of the report for reliance by others are available at $150 plus GST


We can provide you with a quotation for our services and cost estimates (later followed by quotes if required) for any recommended remedial work agreed upon if required.

In what we are proposing, you may have to spend a little money to make money, but general consensus of opinion in Real Estate circles would suggest that at least 1% of the sale price is recoverable when spent on presenting and marketing a home.

Most recommendations will be inexpensive, but if necessary, we can generally arrange for bridging finance should any proposal require significant funding.

Passing on the report

As a condition of our indemnity insurance, we must restrict reliance on the report to the person commissioning the report.You may show, but not pass on copies of the report to potential purchasers.

Copies of the report must be arranged and supplied through our company. To protect your interests and confidentiality, reports will only be resold with your permission to do so.


We guarantee to offer a professional confidential and respectful service.

As our reputation and credibility depends on complete honesty and integrity, the report by nature will give an unbiased view of the house.

The information we produce under your instruction belongs to you.

If upon viewing the report, you choose not to present it to buyers, we will respect your confidentiality and decline to provide any information to others.


Further services offered

Once you have commissioned our services, we are with you all the way, and you can depend on our support.

We are trade qualified and have a wide network of contacts in the local trades. Our preferred contractors have a proven work record of quality workmanship, timely performance and value for money.

Don’t forget, we can put back on our Pre- purchase inspection cap and give you a thorough inspection of your next property.