Every house has its own peculiarities which make set price inspections tricky. Whether buying or selling, most reports are completed for between $350 and $500. The current average fee is $425 incl. GST. Payment, as per our terms and conditions, is expected within seven days of receipt of our report.

Lesser charges are negotiable when inspecting a number of properties for the same client or when the inspector is accompanied by the purchaser and may only want a verbal or key point summary type of report. These can start from as little as $150

Whilst we need to make a living, our focus is not on money. It is to ensure your best interests are taken care of. More often than not. the cost of our reports is recouped when re-negotiating the purchase after faults are identified, or it can save you thousands on unforeseen expenses.

Maintenance reports are charged at  fee of $350 plus GST . Discounts may be available through bulk deals with property management companies

Insurance valuation assistance including measurements and calculations are generally charges at around $250 incl. GST

Travel is not charged for jobs in either Gore or Invercargill, but outlying areas incur a fee from the closer of these towns.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to drop us a line here.