Buy Smart Pre-purchase Inspections

The Buy SmartĀ Building Appraisal service includes:

Verify, check and report on the soundness of building structures.

Descriptions of the strengths and weaknesses of property.

Evaluation of the structural features that add value to the property.Identify those structural features that need improving.

Digital photography is used to illustrate structural features (for pricing, selling and buying purposes).

We appreciate the urgency and anxiety often associated with a house purchase therefore in most cases,
inspections can be carried out and reports completed within 48 hours.

Areas of non-compliant building work may? be identified from a LIM report. We find that on site
identification of alteration and addition work and correlation with information held at the Council to be
the most effective way of dealing with potentially costly infringements, which may become the new owners

*Unlike some inspection companies, this information is included and is an integral part of our

Current building experience allows us to give cost estimates of any identified problems so you candetermine the real cost of your purchase. Or the real worth of your property if selling.


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